Berlin Day 4

Thursday 21st August was our last full day in Berlin. We were quite museumed out so slept in, paid some bills and what not then went to find a food market and shopping street from the guide book.  On the way we went to have a look at the local street art murals and did a spot of shopping in the sute shops we had seen a day before.


The food market was great and we had a yum lunch of burger and 3 little patties with salad. The best part though was the café we found down the road. IT SOLD REAL COFFEE!!!! They had pour overs and chemex and drip coffee and a real coffee machine and a real guy who knew how to use the real coffee machine – heaven. So we had a delicious coffee nom nom nom!

Coffee Syphon

Coffee Syphon

Post delicious coffee we went to find this shopping street, fairly sure we were in the right place but never really found it. Did however walk past a jeweler with his workshop in the shop front and bought a new pair of butterflys for my earning as I had lost one when getting undressed in Olomouc.

We then jumped on the underground and went to find an art deco style shopping mall which had a tower of crushed cars in it. The crushed tower of cars was quite cool and the art deco was indeed very pretty. The surrounding shops were rather expensive.

Tower of crushed cars

Tower of crushed cars

On the way home we found an icecream, settling for Movenpick when we couldn’t find anything else. At the underground station we had used everyday we happened to go up out of a different exit to normal and found ourselves in a department store of a more reasonable kind. More like a farmers than the Smith and Caughys we had found the previous day when shoe and shirt hunting. Funny that it had been there the whole time and would have been much more suitable!

Headed home, got changed, sorted out how to get there and get back and headed off to Reinstoff to eat Jourdan’s birthday present. Reinstoff has two Michelin stars and a description of modern, creative and superior. No clue what superior means but it was delicious.

Pre dinner drinks

Pre dinner drinks

We were very early to the restaurant so walked around the block and until we found a place we could have a drink. We ended up in the garden of a restaurant which was quite nice. At 7.20 we headed to Reinstoff around the corner for our 7.30 booking. We were the only ones there which was very quiet and strange. The restaurant was in a brick building and the inside had 3 boxes that opened to the inside. The kitchen and wait staff were all out of the room behind the boxes but could see in using the large mirrors on the back of the boxes. We were slightly unsure of how it worked but just went with it.


Before we had seen the menu we were served four appetizers. Then we picked the “far away” menu as opposed to the “near” menu, just meaning that the ingredients were sourced from further away. We picked out 5 courses from the 8 on offer, as expected everything was absolutely delicious and we devoured every little bit of it. A fanatastic experience for our tastebuds!

AMAZING dessert

AMAZING dessert


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