Berlin Day 3

On Wednesday, our third day in Berlin we headed to Museum Island with the plan of going to the Pergomuseum, Neues Museum and the Berliner Dom Church to get a good view of the city. When we got there the line for the Pergomusuem was ~4hours long – but clever us, we went to the Altes National Musuem where the line was super short and bought a Musuem Island day pass! Then we went back our, straight past the queue and to the man at a side gate, he politely informed us that the queue was not just to buy tickets to the Pergomuseum, it was to get inside. Oops. We had no intention of waiting 4 hours up to get into a museum so we went to the Neues Musuem instead as it had no line. The museum had Egyptian artifacts and other plunder for afar as well as artifacts dug up around Germany dating back thousands of years. It also had a free audioguide which was quite good.

War Memorial





Next we headed over to the Berliner Dom which is still on the island. Unfortunately we were turned away at the door as our museum pass did not include entrance to the Beliner Dom as our guide book had implied. We were a little bit peeved but I guess we should have more properly checked what was included in our ticket.

Berlin Dom

Berlin Dom

We headed off in search of some lunch and found a restaurant where you got given a tablet with the menu and ordered from it yourself. When the food was ready you took a little card from the back and collected the food. A bit new, at least the food was reasonably good.

Next up was the DDR museum, not included in our museum pass but relatively cheap at 4 Euro each, the place was packed with people. There were displays on what it was like to live in East Germany and East Berlin under the DDR. The displays were a bit more interactive than normal with doors and drawers to open to find information. On the whole a really good worthwhile visit.

GDR Fashion

A post museum icecream was essential, Jourdan chose an uncharacteristic citrus and raspberry flavours! We plopped ourselves down in the sun in a park just over the canal to enjoy it. It was a bit chilly, mainly due to the wind. It must be starting to feel cold to the locals as they all look like they are dressed for the middle of winter in Auckland. Like jeans, jacket and scarfs! So maybe not wooly scarfs but still a warmth inducing neck attire. People can probably tell we are tourists straight away from the shorts and t-shirt.


Ice Cream

Ice Cream

It was about 5.30 by this time and we still needed to find Jourdan something to wear out to dinner the next night. The awesome suit he bought in Olomouc doesn’t really go with maroon chucks. Said maroon chucks were also looking quite grubby from days of wandering and the WUOC party. In the guidebook was a department store nearby an underground station so we headed there. First floor was the likes of Chanel and Armani, probably not quite the brands we were looking for. Upstairs in the menswear was still pretty pricy and none of the shoes in more of the right price range where suitable. The shirt situation was also no good. We headed out across the road to a less expensive looking shoe shop but didn’t find anything there either. Retiring to a search of the internet for what would be suitable for the restaurant we decided that cleaned chucks with new laces, jeans and a shirt would be fine. Purchased new laces at a grand total cost of 2 Euro and headed home via a bakery.

All the bakeries are buzzing with bees eating the sugar of the sweet goods, but no one seems to be bothered about it. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday we had the same thing for dinner at the apartment – mice, carrot, tomato and capsicum with bread and butter. A bit simple and was greeted with “Mmmm I love this meal” by the third night but super simple, quick to make and required minimal thought and planning.


One thought on “Berlin Day 3

  1. You really have had an amazing look around. By now you will be in Hong Kong- more adventures! Must be running short of money if you had to eat mice in Berlin!!!!!!
    Love mum

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